What Outfit Should You Wear in Your Resume Photo?

Your resume photo is often the first thing a potential employer sees when reviewing your application. It’s important to make a good first impression, and your outfit can play a big part in that. In this article, we’ll discuss what outfits are appropriate for a resume photo, and how to choose the right one for your industry and personal style.

Why is your resume photo important?

Before we dive into the specifics of what to wear, let’s talk about why your resume photo is important. While some countries and industries do not require a photo, many still do. A well-chosen photo can make you appear more approachable, professional, and confident. On the other hand, a poorly chosen photo can turn off potential employers and damage your chances of landing an interview.

General Tips for Choosing Your Outfit

When selecting your outfit for a resume photo, there are some general tips that apply to all industries:

Dress professionally

Your outfit should be clean, neat, and pressed. Avoid clothes that are too tight, too baggy, or too revealing.

Keep it simple

Avoid busy patterns, bright colors, and large logos. You want the focus to be on your face, not your clothes.

Stay true to your industry

While you want to dress professionally, you also want to dress appropriately for your industry. A creative field like graphic design might allow for more casual attire than a finance or law position.

Outfit Suggestions by Industry

While there are general guidelines to follow, the ideal outfit for your resume photo may vary depending on your industry. Here are some industry-specific suggestions:

Finance and Law

If you’re applying for a finance or law position, a classic business suit is the way to go. Stick to neutral colors like black, navy, or gray. For women, a blouse or collared shirt under the jacket is a safe choice.


If you’re applying for a healthcare position, consider wearing scrubs or a lab coat. This will give the impression that you’re already comfortable in a medical environment. Avoid anything too colorful or patterned.

Creative Fields

In creative fields like graphic design, fashion, or advertising, you can get away with a more casual outfit. Consider wearing something that reflects your personal style, but still looks put-together. Avoid anything too flashy or trendy.

Accessories and Grooming

Your outfit is just one part of your overall appearance in your resume photo. Here are some additional tips for accessories and grooming:

Keep it simple

Avoid large, distracting jewelry or accessories. A watch or simple necklace is fine.

Hair and makeup

Your hair should be neat and styled, and your makeup should be natural and minimal. Men should be clean-shaven or have a neatly trimmed beard.


A genuine smile can make a big difference in your resume photo. Practice in front of a mirror to find your best angle.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

There are some common mistakes people make when choosing their resume photo outfit:

Dressing too casually

Even in a casual industry, you still want to look professional. Avoid wearing anything you’d wear to the gym or the beach.

Wearing something too bold

Your outfit should not be the focal point of your photo. Avoid anything too bright or flashy.

Dressing inappropriately for your industry

Make sure you research what is appropriate for your specific industry.


Q1: Should I wear a tie in my resume photo?

A: If you’re applying for a finance or law position, it’s recommended to wear a tie. In other industries, a tie may not be necessary, but a collared shirt is still a good choice.

Q2: Can I wear glasses in my resume photo?

A: Yes, you can wear glasses in your photo. Just make sure they are clean and don’t have a distracting glare.

Q3: Should I wear a skirt or pants?

A: It depends on your personal preference and what is appropriate for your industry. Both are acceptable as long as they are professional and not too tight or revealing.

Q4: Can I wear a colored shirt in my resume photo?

A: It’s best to stick to neutral colors like black, white, gray, or navy. If you do choose to wear a colored shirt, make sure it’s not too bright or distracting.

Q5: Do I need to hire a professional photographer for my resume photo?

A: While it’s not necessary, a professional photo can give you a polished and put-together look. If you choose to take your photo yourself, make sure it’s well-lit and in focus.


Your resume photo is an important part of your job application, and your outfit can make a big impact on how you’re perceived. Remember to dress professionally, stay true to your industry, and keep it simple. With these tips, you can make sure your resume photo presents you in the best possible light. Don’t forget to smile and show off your confidence!

We hope this article has helped you choose the perfect outfit for your resume photo. If you have any additional questions or tips, please share them in the comments below. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends and followers on social media!

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