Are you wondering why some companies that sell beds will actually send vouchers directly to your home address? This is a question that many people have had before. They are often concerned about whether they have been added to a list, and that in doing so, they will start receiving more junk mail on a weekly basis. In some cases it has to do with having purchased a product from this store before, and they are simply trying to alert you to other deals. Here are some of the other reasons that bed stores will send vouchers to you, many of which are very positive.

What Are These Vouchers Typically For?

These vouchers can be used for a couple different reasons. First of all, they are designed to provide a discount on the products they are offering. Most bed stores are going to not only have furniture such as bed frames, dressers, and end tables, but they will also have mattresses at some of them. The vouchers will likely be for different products, or they could be a general discount on anything that they are selling. Either way, you are going to benefit from the vouchers that you receive, but you need to know why you are receiving them.

Why Are These Bed Stores Sending Vouchers To Your Home Address?

The most obvious reason for receiving these at your home address is that you are a prior customer. For example, if you have purchased something from one of the stores, and they have made a personal delivery, then they are likely going to have your physical address. If you receive mail at this address, then that is why you are receiving vouchers because you are now a customer of theirs. People typically consider the vouchers to be beneficial, especially if they have purchased one product, but they would like to purchase others later on. Therefore, that is the main reason that they will send vouchers physically to your home address, but they may also choose to do this in other ways as well.

Why Would They Not Send These Via Email?

In most cases, these companies will collect not only your physical address, but you will also provide them with your email address when you purchase a product. When they have both of these addresses, they will likely send the same voucher to both, or you may get different vouchers depending upon how they do their marketing campaigns. As you can imagine, this is how they are able to generate additional sales. Statistics have shown that people are more likely to purchase from a company they have purchased from before. However, there are ways to prevent the vouchers from being sent to you if this is something that you would not like to see show up at your home.

How To Stop The Vouchers From Coming

There are several options when it comes to preventing vouchers from being sent to your physical address. For example, you can call the store and tell them that you do not want to see these any longer. Additionally, you could request that they only send vouchers to your email address. This is an option for those that would like to know about specials, but they would prefer not having to go through their physical mail.

If you have been receiving store vouchers, you may want to consider why this is happening. If it is from a familiar business, one that you have purchased from before, you have likely provided them with the physical address that they are using. If you are receiving these haphazardly from different companies, they have likely found your information from a service that produces this information. Either way, the vouchers can be used to help you save money on your next purchase, or you could simply stop them from coming in by contacting the bed stores that are sending them.


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