How to use apple pay

Apple Pay is one of the most popular mobile payment methods, but not everyone knows how to use it exactly. How to use Apple Pay? What is worth knowing about this method? Read our article.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple’s payment service allows you to use your phone instead of a payment card. Just bring the device closer to the terminal to complete payment for purchases or services. However, you’ll need to authorize payment before bringing your iPhone closer:

  • for iPhone 8 or older, hold your finger on the Home button with Touch ID before approaching the terminal.
  • iPhone X owners must press the lock button twice, then scan their faces with Face ID and only bring the phone closer to the terminal.
  • for an Apple Watch, just press the side button twice and bring the watch closer to the terminal without having to remove the phone from your pocket.

For some terminals, it may be necessary to confirm the transaction with the PIN code on the terminal (code 0000 should work then).

How do you add a card to Apple pay?

Apple Pay guide

Adding card on iPhone

  • Go to Wallet and tap the plus button.
  • Then follow the instructions to add a new card. A movie is available on the Apple website that illustrates this process in an accessible way. If you are prompted to add a card used with an Apple ID, cards used on other devices, or cards that have recently been removed, select them and then enter the card security codes. 
  • To add a card to the Wallet application, you may need to download the application from the card issuing bank or institution. In mainland China, you may need to create or update a 6-digit code.
  • Tap Next. Your bank or issuing institution will verify the information and decide if you can use the card with Apple Pay. If your bank or issuing institution needs more information to verify your card, you’ll be asked to provide it. After preparing this information, return to the Wallet app and tap your card.
  • After the card verification, you will be able to use Apple Pay freely.

Payments in stores

iPhone with Face ID function

To use the default card, double-click the side button, and then look at your iPhone to authenticate with Face ID or enter the code. Hold the top of the iPhone a few centimeters away from the proximity reader until the display shows Ready.

iPhone with Touch ID function

To use the default card, place your finger on the Touch ID reader. Hold the top of the iPhone a few centimeters away from the proximity reader until the display shows Ready.

Payments with an Apple Watch

To use the default card, press the side button twice and hold the Apple Watch display a few centimeters away from the proximity reader. Wait until you feel a light tap.

Paying with a card other than the default

When the default card appears on the screen, tap it, then tap the one you want to use. Authenticate the payment using Face ID, Touch ID or code. Hold the iPhone so that the top of the iPhone is no more than a few centimeters from the proximity terminal until the message “Ready” appears on the screen.


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