How to bake bacon

Crispy bacon can be a great addition to various dishes, e.g. a traditional English breakfast – with scrambled eggs or as an addition to stuffing in a tortilla. It can also be a snack in itself, e.g. with lettuce and tomato or paprika.

It is easy and quick to bake it in the microwave, it will be much cleaner than using the pan. Did you know that a well-drained bacon slice contains about 30-40 calories or less? Get to frying!

Preparation of bacon in the microwave

The bacon slices should be spread on a plate covered with a paper towel layer in such a way that the edges of the slices do not touch each other or overlap. The bacon should also be covered with a paper towel from above. Then place the plate in the microwave, set its power to the highest value; it may vary depending on the microwave, so the cooking time may also vary. So that the bacon is baked evenly, the best is a microwave with a carousel, if your microwave does not have it, it is worth turning the plate by hand every half minute.

If the highest power of the oven is 1000 W, then the baking time will be about 2-3 minutes, but it is advisable to observe the baking and check the effects after a time and possibly extend the baking time. You need to watch the baking time carefully, because it is very easy to burn bacon in the microwave. After removing the bacon should be quickly dried from fat also with a paper towel and set aside. It is ready for further use in the kitchen.

Bacon cooking guide

Pan fried bacon – how to make it

Just put a few slices of bacon on a dry frying pan. They should fill the entire pan, but they cannot touch each other. Fry them until golden brown, turning several times, preferably using (to avoid splashing with hot fat). We put on a paper towel and drain from fat.

Bacon from the oven with a sweet twist

Pour the bourbon into the pot and add two tablespoons of honey. Wait. When the honey is completely dissolved, set aside to let the mixture cool. Put aluminum foil on the baking tray and put slices of bacon on it. Bake for 10 minutes. Then smear the bacon with the prepared glaze and bake for another 10 minutes, until caramelized. Drain the fat bacon on a paper towel. Set aside and wait until it is crunchy, i.e. when it cools down.

What to use bacon for? 

Bacon can be a great addition to salads or to various types of tortillas. And how about chicken breast rolls (you can also choose other meat) wrapped in bacon slices. We guarantee that it will be your regular dinner recipe. Wrap bacon slices with the tradition of rolls with any filling. You can pour them on the honey glaze we described earlier. Put in ovens and rolls other than usually ready!

If you are an avid fan of bacon, be sure to try to make an English breakfast, which consists of eggs (usually in T-shirts), slices of bacon, pork frankfurters, sliced ​​white pudding sausage or black pudding (reminiscent of Polish black pudding), tomatoes, mushrooms and beans in tomato sauce.


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