What The West Needs To Know If They Want To Sleep on Floor

If you’ve been reading about mattresses, you may have spotted a few trends. As an example, a lot of experts say that you should try to sleep on a firm mattress so that you’re well-supported as you sleep. If you’ve been looking for firmer places to sleep, you may have wondered something: is sleeping on the floor healthy for your back?

Sleeping on floors isn’t standard, and there is a good reason for that, it’s not good for your heart or your health. Here’s why you’re going to want to make sure you’re sleeping in a bed at night.

Mattresses Are Designed For Backs and Your Health

A firm mattress isn’t just a sturdy surface. A mattress is specifically designed to provide a back with support. In fact, the best mattresses study backs and do their best to deliver ergonomic sleeping solutions.

When someone puts down flooring in a home, they’re not intending for people to sleep on that floor. Kids can get away from resting on a sleeping bag from time to time, but adults that need quality sleep should never be resting on the floor unless they have to. You need to make sure that you’re sleeping on a surface that was designed to meet the needs of your back.

Your Floor May Be Too Firm

When people say that you should sleep on a firm mattress, they mean that your mattress shouldn’t sink downwards when you climb into bed. They don’t mean that you should be resting on a mattress that feels like it’s made out of a rock. You should absolutely look for a firmer mattress, but you should avoid any mattress that is downright uncomfortable.

Even if your floors are carpeted, they’re probably far too firm to be slept on. You shouldn’t assume that any firm surface is good for your back. Your flooring is probably very hard, and that’s not something that you will want for your back.

There Are Plenty Of Mattresses Available

If your current mattress hasn’t been working for you, you might be desperate for a better solution. A Zimplit coupon code for Purple maybe one of those solutions that will improve your sleep. It’s easy to see why you might want something else, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on mattresses and move to the floor. There are all kinds of different mattresses out there, and you should be able to find something that you’ll be more comfortable with.

If you’re not thrilled with the spring mattress that you’re sleeping on, why not try a memory foam mattress instead? Even if one mattress isn’t a great match for you, there are plenty of other options that you can try. Start looking at different mattresses so that you can select something you’d like to sleep on.

Sleeping On The Floor Could Expose You To Allergens

If you’re lying down on the floor to sleep, you could wind up hurting your back, and you could do some damage to your lungs as well. Even if you clean your floors on a regular basis, there is probably quite a bit of dirt and dust buried deep within your floor. When you rest on the floor, you’re going to be breathing in all of those allergens.

When you sleep on a mattress, in a bed, you’ll be elevated. It’s easier to clean your bedding than it is to clean your floor, which means you’ll be able to avoid allergens as you rest at night.

You need to make sure you’re waking up without back pain. If you’re not getting what you need from your current mattress, you’re going to want to start looking at some other mattresses instead. However, you shouldn’t resort to sleeping on the floor. As you can see, it’s not the best choice for your back.

Why Do Bed Stores Send You Vouchers To Your Home Address?

Are you wondering why some companies that sell beds will actually send vouchers directly to your home address? This is a question that many people have had before. They are often concerned about whether they have been added to a list, and that in doing so, they will start receiving more junk mail on a weekly basis. In some cases it has to do with having purchased a product from this store before, and they are simply trying to alert you to other deals. Here are some of the other reasons that bed stores will send vouchers to you, many of which are very positive.

What Are These Vouchers Typically For?

These vouchers can be used for a couple different reasons. First of all, they are designed to provide a discount on the products they are offering. Most bed stores are going to not only have furniture such as bed frames, dressers, and end tables, but they will also have mattresses at some of them. The vouchers will likely be for different products, or they could be a general discount on anything that they are selling. Either way, you are going to benefit from the vouchers that you receive, but you need to know why you are receiving them.

Why Are These Bed Stores Sending Vouchers To Your Home Address?

The most obvious reason for receiving these at your home address is that you are a prior customer. For example, if you have purchased something from one of the stores, and they have made a personal delivery, then they are likely going to have your physical address. If you receive mail at this address, then that is why you are receiving vouchers because you are now a customer of theirs. People typically consider the vouchers to be beneficial, especially if they have purchased one product, but they would like to purchase others later on. Therefore, that is the main reason that they will send vouchers physically to your home address, but they may also choose to do this in other ways as well.

Why Would They Not Send These Via Email?

In most cases, these companies will collect not only your physical address, but you will also provide them with your email address when you purchase a product. When they have both of these addresses, they will likely send the same voucher to both, or you may get different vouchers depending upon how they do their marketing campaigns. As you can imagine, this is how they are able to generate additional sales. Statistics have shown that people are more likely to purchase from a company they have purchased from before. However, there are ways to prevent the vouchers from being sent to you if this is something that you would not like to see show up at your home.

How To Stop The Vouchers From Coming

There are several options when it comes to preventing vouchers from being sent to your physical address. For example, you can call the store and tell them that you do not want to see these any longer. Additionally, you could request that they only send vouchers to your email address. This is an option for those that would like to know about specials, but they would prefer not having to go through their physical mail.

If you have been receiving store vouchers, you may want to consider why this is happening. If it is from a familiar business, one that you have purchased from before, you have likely provided them with the physical address that they are using. If you are receiving these haphazardly from different companies, they have likely found your information from a service that produces this information. Either way, the vouchers can be used to help you save money on your next purchase, or you could simply stop them from coming in by contacting the bed stores that are sending them.

Why Do Humans Dream?

A lot of scientists theorize that dreaming doesn’t have a direct function but it comes because of many biological processes happening when we are sleeping. There are others who believe dreaming actually serves a primary purpose. Here are some of the schools of thought on why humans dream.

  1. Memory Processing – When you are sleeping, your short term memory will be processed into long-term storage. Therefore, when this is happening, you will be dreaming thus your brain aids in the transference and further learning of the whole process.
  2. An Extension Of Your Consciousness – Regardless of whether you are in the deepest cycle of sleep, your mind is still awake. Therefore, while you are sleeping you are likely to dream because it is an extension of your consciousness. Basically, you are reflecting on the experiences of your waking life.
  3. Creating A Balance – When you are awake, you would rather avoid thinking about the bad things. However, when you are sleeping, the dreams are a way for your mind to work through the complicated, difficult and unsettling emotions, thoughts or experiences. That way, when you are awake you can achieve the emotional and psychological balance required.
  4. Response To Bodily Changes – As mentioned, although you are still asleep, your body is still awake just in a relaxing mode. Therefore, there are some biochemical changes happening as well as electrical impulses going through your body when you are sleeping. All these can be proven by your dreams.
  5. A Form Of Consciousness – No matter how long you have been alive, you have gone through so many things in the past and the present. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself on how to handle the future. Remember, while you are awake, you might be deviating from making huge decisions or coping with the past. That’s what your dreams can do for you as you sleep. They can be viewed as a form of consciousness that allows you to merge the past, the present and the future effortlessly.
  6. For Protection – When you are awake, you might not have a proper strategy in place that allows you to face dangers, challenges or threats accordingly. Well, dreams have been thought to be a way for you to prepare your body for any of these impending dangers and act accordingly whenever something happens.

Since nightmares are also dreams, you might experience them whenever you are feeling stressed or anxious. You might not know it when you are awake but if you are constantly having nightmares, there is something wrong with your day to day life. However, there are cases where people have nightmares because of sleeping disorders.

Although there is no specific school of thought that can be termed accurate regarding why we dream, everything blends in together to come up with some sort of understanding. Note that, there are a few things that might influence your dreams such as health conditions, foods and your daily activities. If you want to avoid nightmares, you need to check these things every day and find ways to handle your stress effectively.

5 Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Your Body.

Long term side effects of sleep deprivation on your body are real. Sleep deprivation puts your physical health at risk. And it drains your mental fitness. In fact, sleep deprivation has been linked with different types of health problems such as weakened immune system and weight gain.

Our bodies need sleep to function at its best. The body heals itself and restores its chemical imbalance when we are sleeping. Sleep helps memory retention. If you do not get enough sleep, your body systems will not function normally. And sleep deprivation lowers your quality of life.

What are common signs of sleep deprivation? Daytime fatigue, irritability, and yawning.

The following are 5 effects of sleep deprivation on your body.

Central Nervous System

Sleep is necessary to keep the central nervous system functioning properly. However, chronic insomnia disrupts how the body sends information. Sleep deprivation leaves the brain exhausted, so it is hard to concentrate or learn new things.

Sleep deprivation decreases your coordination skills. It increases your risks for accidents. It affects your emotional state and mental abilities. And it compromises your creativity or decision-making processes.

Immune System

Sleep deprivation prevents the immune system from producing protective and infection-fighting substances such as cytokines. The immune system produces these substances when you are sleeping. And it uses them to fight foreign invaders like viruses and bacteria.

Cytokines give your immune system energy to fight diseases and it helps you sleep.

If you do not get enough sleep, you will take a long time to recover from an illness. In fact, long term sleep deprivation increases your risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease and diabetes.

Digestive system

Sleep deprivation increases the chance of becoming obese or overweight. Sleep affects levels of ghrelin and leptin that control feelings of fullness and hunger.

Leptin communicates to the brain when you have not eaten. If you are not getting enough sleep, the brain reduces the level of leptin and it raises the level of ghrelin that is an appetite stimulant. Most people overeat later in the night because of the increased levels of ghrelin.

Sleep deprivation contributes to weight gain because it makes you feel too tired to do physical exercise.

Cardiovascular System

Sleep deprivation affects the health of your blood vessels and heart. It also affects your blood pressure, blood sugar, and inflammation levels. And it plays an important role in the body’s ability to repair and heal the heart and the blood vessels.

If you are not getting enough sleep, you are more likely to get cardiovascular disease.

Endocrine System

Hormone production depends on your sleep. For example, for your body to produce testosterone, you need at least three hours of uninterrupted sleep. If you wake up throughout the night, it affects your hormone production.

Sleep interruption affects the production of growth hormone, especially in adolescents and children. Growth hormone helps repair tissues and cells. And it helps build muscle mass.

You now know 5 effects of sleep deprivation on your body.

Can Sleepwalking Cause Health Problems?

Sleepwalking is a condition that causes a person to wake up at night and walk while they are asleep without any memory of it. It causes the sleepwalker not to respond during the event and may trigger violent behavior by the sleepwalker. To an extent, it may affect the health-related quality of life of that individual.


What causes sleepwalking in adults?

Several factors trigger this disorder in adults, and they include:

• Stress and anxiety

• Sleeping with a full bladder

• Sleep deprivation

• Certain medication such as sedative-hypnotics

• Disorders like sleep apnea

• Medical conditions like nighttime seizures and asthma

In most cases, sleepwalking doesn’t really cause problems and may be considered harmless. The problem, however, comes when some suffer injuries, from falls or bumping into things, some have even been run over by cars during the night. These individuals are considered vulnerable since they do not act rationally, or as they would during the day.

Risks associated with sleepwalking.

Sleepwalking may involve bizarre and inappropriate behaviors. Sleepwalkers may engage in criminal acts, posing a danger to the people close to the sleepwalkers. It gets worse since the individual does not even remember the actions they did during the night.
This disorder may cause a person to drive during the night and get injured or injure somebody else. Some have been reported to have sexually assaulted those close to them while sleepwalking. This condition is called sexsomnia. Some of these acts may cause family feuds and breakups, and the worst part is that the sleepwalker does this without knowing.
The violence during sleepwalking poses a high risk to both the sleepwalker and the community at large.

What is the Treatment for Sleepwalking?

Once one realizes that they have this undiagnosed condition, it is essential that they visit the health provider and especially if the sleepwalker or those around him notice worsened behavior by the sleepwalker. One should immediately seek the services of a health provider if:

• The sleepwalking is frequent

• The sleepwalker happen to engage in perilous acts such as driving while asleep

• If the sleepwalker notices other symptoms that they didn’t have initially such as sleep terrors.

Actions have to be taken by the family or those who live with the sleepwalker to minimize the risk of injury by the sleepwalker. For example, putting deadlocks on doors and windows to prevent the sleepwalker from escaping during the night.

To reduce harm by the overly violent sleepwalkers, ensure you put away any potential weapons from their sight. Other measures that you can take include waking the sleepwalker some few minutes before the time they usually sleepwalk. This will in a way distort them and prevent them from sleepwalking. Hypnosis may also be useful in adults since it helps them focus and concentrate more on things happening around them.

Adult sleepwalkers should also avoid alcohol, interpersonal conflicts or things that may cause them to have stress and anxiety.

As much as sleepwalking is considered harmless by most, it is vital for the society to understand the risks that may come with it, and especially if the condition persists and escalates to another level. The violence that comes with it poses a threat to both the sleepwalker and other people that surround them. Full support should, therefore, be given to them to enable them to have a better life.

The Myth Of The Eight Hour Sleep

Do you get eight hours of sleep every night? If you answered no to that question, you shouldn’t feel ashamed. There are plenty of adults that get less than eight hours of sleep each night. What many people don’t know is that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Getting eight hours of rest isn’t a requirement. You simply need to make sure that your body is getting the sleep that it needs.

You May Not Need Eight Hours Of Sleep

The amount of sleep a person needs each night varies. Very young children need a great deal of sleep. As people age, they need less sleep than they did when they were small. Most healthy adults can thrive on six or seven hours of sleep a night.

If you haven’t been getting enough rest, or if you’ve been ill, eight hours of sleep could do you a great deal of good. However, if you’re well-rested, you probably don’t need eight hours of sleep at all.

The Quality Of Your Sleep Is What Matters

Have you ever felt like you didn’t get enough rest after staying in bed for eight full hours? If you felt this way, the problem probably isn’t a lack of sleep. Instead, the issue is likely to be poor quality sleep.

You need to make sure you’re able to go through every stage of sleep as you rest. You’ll need uninterrupted periods of sleep, and you’ll need to make sure you’re sleeping in a quiet and calm environment. You’ll also want to make sure that you are able to fall asleep right away.

You Don’t Have To Get All Of Your Sleep At Once

Getting four hours of sleep at night doesn’t have to be a big deal. If you have time, then, later on, you can make up for some of the sleep that you lost with a nap. It isn’t essential to get all of your sleep in a single sitting.

In the past, most people didn’t sleep through the night. Instead, people had multiple sleep sessions. Depending on your schedule, you may find that it’s helpful to sleep the same way today. As long as your body is getting rest, you’ll feel great.

It’s Important To Go To Sleep At The Right Time

If you feel like you can never fall asleep at night, there’s a good chance that you’re going to sleep at the wrong time. If you adjust your sleep schedule, you should eventually find the perfect time to settle down to sleep.

If you can, you should try to go to bed at the same time each night. When you always go to bed at the same time, you’ll find yourself falling asleep as soon as your head gets the pillow. This means that six or seven hours of sleep should be more than enough for you.

Now that the myth of the eight-hour sleep has been dispelled, you can focus on improving the sleep that you’re getting at night. Keep the advice above in mind so that you can improve your sleep habits.

The following are the reasons why companies using coupons are good for customers.

Save Money

People look for discounts when buying products. They do not like paying the full price. So, they spend most of their time looking for deals, coupons, or they negotiate the price.

When a company uses coupons, most people will buy products from that company because they know they will save a lot of money.

In fact, some people usually wait till the prices of certain products drop before buying them, especially if they cannot get a discount right now.

Peace of Mind

Most people love shopping online. But when they find a new online company, they hesitate to use that company. They do not love buying products from a new company. Why? They fear the company will take advantage of them.

If the company sell expensive products, they may avoid that company completely.

But if the company has coupons, most people will use that company. Why? Because they know they are spending less money on the company. They are trying the company. And if they like the products of the company, they will definitely use it again in the future.

Make the Right Decision

There are several websites that active coupons, discounts, and deals. They promote these coupons online. When you do a simple search on your favorite search engine, you will get these websites. These websites have coupons of the reputable online and offline companies.

A lot of people have used these websites. And they leave their comments after using the coupons. They mention if the coupon works. And they list the ones that work. Visit these websites if you want to get active coupons.

You will know you are making the right decision because you know there are people who have actually used these coupons. You will never have to worry about losing your hard earned money.

Buy Older Products

Sometimes, some products do not work well. And there are several reasons why these products do not work. For example, they may be expensive so most people cannot afford them.

How do companies sell these products? They can offer coupons or redeemable on these products. If they do this, they will attract more customers.

You will not buy an old product if it is expensive. But if you find that there are coupons for older products, you will definitely buy them.

These are the reasons why companies using coupons are good for customers. Coupons help customers save money, make the right decision, and buy older products.